4 Emotional Health Tips to Living Your Happiest Life

4 Emotional Health Tips to Living Your Happiest Life

There are so many great reasons to make your spiritual and emotional health a top priority in your life. When we have great emotional health, we often feel better physically, are better able to heal pain and reduce tension in our bodies, and we can live a life we’ve always dreamed of. 

But unlike our physical health, we don’t often have doctors or other health professionals telling us how to take care of our emotional health on a regular basis. Yet, just like eating nutritious foods and moving your body are good things to do, simple emotional health exercises can go a long way in making big, positive changes in your life. 

Here are a few of our favorite tips to boost your emotional health starting today. 

Take Breaks Regularly

If there’s one thing that’s really common for women these days, it’s overworking. Many of us are doing everything: working long hours at the office or on our businesses, volunteering or spending time with family, running errands constantly and keeping up with housework. And it can quickly take a toll on our emotional well being.

What we often forget to do is to take a break or two periodically in between all the craziness. Something as simple as 15 or 20 minutes — whether that’s first thing in the morning, a quick lunchtime by yourself, or a few moments to decompress at the end of a busy day — can help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Try dedicating this time to yourself at least a few times a week, if not every day. You can meditate, practice breathing exercises, journal, or take a walk. And if you struggle with committing to taking breaks, just remember that this can help you refuel your energy to do all those other great things you want to accomplish. 

Do Something for Yourself

Travel, get a massage, treat yourself to dinner, read your favorite book, hang out with a close friend. Doing the things you love doing, that you can’t get enough of, is a perfect way to take better care of your emotional health. If you’re the kind of person who tends to give most (if not all) of your time to others, practice giving back to yourself!

Rest Up

It’s no secret that there are some serious connections between sleep and your mood. You probably already know what it feels like the day after a night of restlessness or too few hours of sleep. But the truth is it isn’t only a crappy feeling physically: lack of sleep has been known to increase chances of anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. 

Whether you’ve been feeling not yourself lately, or you just feel tired and drained all the time, getting more sleep could be one of the best things you do for your emotional health. 

Talk it Out

Bottling up emotions both in the short and long term isn’t healthy. 

Sure, minor annoyances don’t always need to be vented about, and yes, there are many small frustrations that should just be let go of. But all those other fears, big stressors, relationship challenges, or other difficult situations can be really hard to deal with on your own. 

By talking about what you’re going through emotionally with someone you trust, you can give a voice to your feelings, which is sometimes all we need. If we’re always shutting down and locking up those thoughts, we can feel more lonely, sad, angry, hurt, or otherwise not ourselves. 

Start Your Healing Journey Today

Working with an energy healer can be one of the most impactful ways you can begin to discover better emotional health and live a life you love. 

At LunaVox Transformative Healing, we work with women in Colorado and beyond to reveal the true cause of their pain, awaken to their potential, and live each day with passion and purpose. Learn more about our in-office chiropractic and reiki sessions, or see if our distance healing package is right for you!

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