Bodyscans 101

Your body is meant to be in a state of bliss. Feeling good is normal; feeling weighed down, fatigued, tense, or in pain is not. Pain is not something you have to just live with. I’m going to give you a short, simple exercise you can perform anytime you notice yourself:

  • Feeling “blah”
  • Feeling tense
  • In pain
  • In a state of overwhelm (fight or flight)

For example, if you find yourself upset over something your spouse/partner said or didn’t do, or ready to crumple to the ground when you have so much to do that you feel paralyzed, you might need a bodyscan—it’s the perfect way to go from feeling out of control to regaining it.

Before you begin, get yourself nice and relaxed. You can either lay down or sit comfortably, it’s up to you. Light some candles or incense, turn on your himalayan salt lamp or selenite lamp, diffuse some essential oils, play some soothing music, or anything else you’d like to set some ambience for yourself. Take a series of three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Really allow yourself to breathe deeply and make noise – no one is there to judge you!

Once you feel relaxed, perform the following:

  • Scan your entire body starting with your toes and ending with your head.
  • Notice any points of tension, discomfort, pain, or any unusual sensations that indicate some sort of imbalance.
  • Once you pinpoint an area of imbalance, imagine a bright, beautiful, purple light pouring into that area and cleansing away any heavy energy. See the light concentrate in that area, making it glow brighter, and start to flush out anything negative or heavy.
  • Repeat this for any additional areas of imbalance you can find.
  • Then, allow the light to saturate your entire being, from your DNA to your cells to your entire physical body and then your etheric bodies.
  • Watch all the heaviness dissipate from your entire being as you start to glow brighter and brighter. See your entire body glowing and shimmering in this beautiful, healing light.
  • Once you’re done, allow yourself a few moments of rest and reflection to see if any downloads come for you to use throughout your day.

Chances are, you’ve done bodyscans before and simply thought of them as something you do here and there without giving it much thought or just  a fun little exercise you did as part of a class or workshop. However you prefer to think of them, make bodyscans a regular habit. You can even journal about them to gain more clarity and insight around your pain, as it’s a great way to notice trends and patterns in your life, and within yourself.

Do you feel like your body’s pains are actually something more?

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