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Chiropractic vs. Reiki: Differences, Similarities & Benefits

At LunaVox Transformative Healing, we offer a unique combination of chiropractic and reiki healing services. There are many other practitioners out there who offer one or the other, but rarely both. 

And yet, there are some truly impactful benefits of bringing these two approaches to healing pain together. Unlike all those gimmicks out there (think: the latest trendy product, cream, or pill to magically solve all your physical ailments), chiropractic and reiki aim to get at the source of your pain. 

Because whether we realize it or not, the culprit is often linked with more than just our physical self. 

What is Chiropractic?

From neck and back pain to sports injuries and other accidents, there are dozens of physical challenges that can be treated with chiropractic work. Instead of taking a medication that may only cover up an issue rather than resolve it, chiropractors use a hands-on approach to properly align the body’s musculoskeletal structure and nervous system in order to feel better. 

At LunaVox, we use a combination of techniques (manual or hand adjustments, instrument adjustments, and more) along with a little muscular work during our chiropractic sessions. But we also combine these adjustments with energy medicine to pinpoint areas of stored tension and release them so that the body can more freely move. Since everyone has a unique set of pain or soreness as well as varying levels of energy blocks, no two sessions are exactly the same.

What is Reiki? 

In short, reiki is a form of energy medicine that originally started in Japan and is based on age-old energetic practices. It doesn’t need to be used alongside chiropractic work, but reiki enables us to see and understand some of the deeper causes of the physical pain you may be experiencing to find better solutions. 

While chiropractic adjustments “force” the body to release the tension, energy medicine can be especially helpful for stubborn areas that are holding onto more than just physical tension. It coaxes the body to release whatever it’s holding onto (even emotional tension, like stress or grief), allowing for a more productive (and comfortable) adjustment afterwards. 

How are Chiropractic and Reiki Used Together?

Many of the people we work with have tried traditional chiropractic adjustments in the past, but haven’t quite seen the transformation their looking for in healing their pain completely. They might also have talked to doctors or medical specialists who can’t seem to determine where their mysterious pain is coming from. 

Unfortunately, this is because our current healthcare system often looks at each of our body’s systems individually, rather than as a collective whole that also includes connections between the physical and emotional. At LunaVox, we do things differently.

When our patients come in for their sessions, we weave in reiki throughout the entire chiropractic adjustment process to honor the body wherever it’s at. Sometimes, until we acknowledge the emotion linked to our pain, the body isn’t willing to release it. 

Energy medicine and mind-body medicine (acknowledging the emotion linked to the pain) makes the body feel like you’ve heard it, and it will more willingly let go of whatever it’s holding onto. It’s like it can finally be released — and stay that way. 

I have a lot of people who had seen other doctors or chiropractors for months with no results, but whatever their issue was, it all cleared up with me after one or two sessions in most cases.

Interested to see how you might benefit from our chiropractic and reiki sessions? can have Head on over to our other post How Combining Chiropractic with Reiki Can Transform Your Life to read about some of the amazing transformations we’ve witnessed with those we’ve worked with! 

Learn More About Our Chiropractic and Reiki Sessions

We are all exposed to stress in many ways and sometimes we need extra help to release that stress from our bodies. In our experience, chiropractic coupled with energy work like reiki is the best way to accomplish that.

Reach out to us today to see if our in-office chiropractic and reiki sessions are right for you, or learn more about our distance healing package to take the next step in your healing process!

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