We live in a culture where you have permission to enlist the help of a carpenter if you need one, while seeking personalized help
to break your cycle of emotional pain is somehow not as widely accepted.

As a result, you end up feeling confused. Rigidly tied to calendars and the ways you’ve been told to live your life. Blindsided by the events
around you, often giving up your power all too easily because you’re addled by self-doubt.

That stops today—this is your invitation.

With the right one-on-one guidance, you can conquer your pain, find the answers you’re looking for, heal and go beyond the limits of what you think is possible for yourself.


chiropractic and reiki healer in longmont colorado

Clarify Your Path

We’ll start by receiving messages from your body, building our relationship together (trust is essential to this process), and defining the actions steps you’ll take toward healing. No two paths are the same!


Set Intentions

Our destiny is ultimately shaped by our deepest intentions and desires. This is where you’ll go “All in!” We’ll schedule your sessions and you’ll know exactly what you want from the next 28 days of our magic together.

dr eryn eberlein chiropractic reiki healer longmont colorado


You’ll notice your familiar physical pains subsiding, and aches and pains you previously overlooked will release too. As that happens, you’ll gain mental clarity and feel more grounded. We’ll prepare to shift your emotional and spiritual bodies.

chiropractic reiki healer near longmont colorado


At this point on your path, you’ll build your awareness and take control where you haven’t before. You’ll feel more confident expressing your feelings and stepping into your true worth. Negative self-talk doesn’t stand a chance here.



You’ll experience increased intuition, period. You’ll hone your spiritual practice, weaving in new tools and habits. We’ll take the time to further explore what you want, as well as clarify your path based on all the layers you’ve shed and new power you’ve claimed.


Live the Life You Desire

The death of your “old self” and rebirth of the you that’s closer to your higher self will be complete. You’ll have what you need to continue on a life-long path of healing and growth. And yes, if you’d like continued support we can discuss what that looks like.

“During a distance session with Dr. Eryn (and there is the Atlantic ocean between us) I felt lighter and with prospective after the session.”

Carla V.

lunavox eryn eberlein


To put it bluntly: personalized support. We’ll utilize the power of reiki, meditations and healing mantras, moon phases, visualizations, and oracle cards to guide you on your path.

New to how distance healing works? Read this.

Interested in a session-by-session breakdown of what you’ll experience?

Awaken to Your Potential

This process is designed to help you liberate the power inside of you. By day 28, you’ll have the confidence and know-how to continue healing yourself and aligning with your higher self and life’s purpose.

Your investment: $1500

Not ready for the full adventure?

Spend 60 minutes with Eryn to uncover the basics of what your body is trying to communicate to you via pain, pleasure, (and everything in between) to determine the best healing path for you for just $197.

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