Finding Work-Life Balance

Finding Work-Life Balance

Most of us hear about the importance of work-life balance all the time, but achieving it is usually way easier said than done. And as women, it’s especially difficult for us when we want (or feel the “need”) to do all the things . . . all the time. 

However, balancing work tasks and your personal life’s to-do lists is vitally important. Not only can overworking in all areas of your life bring you unnecessary levels of stress, worry, and anxiety, but can also quickly lead to physical and mental burnout. 

If finding work-life balance seems to be a constant struggle for you, know that you’re not alone. Below are a few steps you can take to find more harmony in your daily tasks, feel less overwhelmed, and take control of your life instead of letting it control you. 

Get Clear on What You Really Want

Sometimes when we are overworking for days or weeks on end, it’s not because we’ve given ourselves a bunch of things that we’re passionately wanting to do, but because we think we have to do them. 

Whether we see them as a requirement or responsibility that either we alone can complete or one that “needs” to be completed by a certain time, there’s this pressure to get certain tasks done — and that pressure (more often than not) is something we put on ourselves. 

And sure, there are always things we need to do: pay the bills, send emails, do the laundry, finish a work project, clean the dishes. But if your list is constantly filled only with these things, and doesn’t consider your desires at all, you’re not living a life of balance. 

Spend some time thinking, dreaming, and/or meditating on what you’re passionate about, and start dedicating some space in your life to do the things that will bring you more joy and fulfillment. These things can even be small things that make you feel happy, like reading a new book, taking a bubble bath, going to lunch with a girlfriend, or hiking your favorite trail. 

Give Yourself Breaks

No, seriously, give yourself a break. Even if only for 15 minutes throughout your day, take a few moments to go for a walk outside, play with your pet, or rest your eyes. Better yet: give yourself a day off. 

If you can’t remember the last time you gave yourself an entire day off of work — not to be at home with the kids, not for a trip — just for you, put one on the calendar now. And if you’re thinking, “There’s just too much going on right now,” then you probably need it more now than ever. 

Burnout is real, and it can impact your work and personal life in a way that makes you feel even more stressed than you already are right now. Sometimes it shows up as the worst case of the flu you’ve ever experienced, an emotional “funk” you can’t seem to shake, mysterious muscle pains, forgetfulness, lack of motivation, or mental cloudiness. And when these things happen, it becomes nearly impossible to be your amazingly creative, impactful, and efficient self. 

Let Go

Many of us hold onto harmful habits and perspectives, like perfectionism, fear of missing out, and scrolling through social media. Practice letting go of them one step at a time. 

If you’re constantly spending extra time on projects to make sure every piece is “perfect,” try reminding yourself that “done is better than perfect.” And what you imagine is good or average may very well be seen as excellent in someone else’s eyes (such as those of your clients or boss). 

If you’re always adding on extra events to your calendar or looking through pictures and videos on your phone all day long, cut back. Practice doing things with more intention. Attend a book reading of your favorite author who is only in town for one day, but skip your monthly networking event if you’re simply feeling too overwhelmed right now. Go online to read about a specific topic you’re interested in, rather than picking up your phone for the tenth time today . . . just because. 

Work-Life Balance Can Revitalize Your Energy

Once you begin to release the negative energy forces that come from an imbalance between work and personal life, you can open yourself up to more positive energy and live a more healthy and happy life. 

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