How Combining Chiropractic with Reiki Can Transform Your Life

Whether you’ve tried chiropractic adjustments before or you’re seeking a new solution to heal your pain, you might find that standard chiropractic work isn’t quite the solution you’re looking for, or doesn’t go as in-depth as you wish it would.

At LunaVox, we’ve brought two seemingly unique practices — chiropractic and reiki — together in order to better address physical tension in ways that other work can’t when done individually. Learn how combining chiropractic with reiki can transform your life as early as your first session with us.

Going Beyond the Physical

If you aren’t familiar with reiki, it can be described as a form of energy medicine that originated in Japan and is based on age-old energetic practices. Our years of training and experience in reiki work allows us to focus in on areas of the body that store tension for reasons beyond just the physical. So while it isn’t required for chiropractic work, reiki enables us to see and understand that healing is about more than just the physical body.

Compared to other western methods of healing that focus more on toxins within the body or physical trauma, reiki can uncover ways in which our thoughts and emotions affect our bodies. This means that oftentimes our physical aches, pains, and tension can more effectively be resolved if we’re looking at more than just one piece of the puzzle.

By practicing both chiropractic and reiki with our clients, we see far better results in releasing tension and removing pain, often in life-changing ways.

Looking at the Connections

Most of us aren’t taught to discuss our emotions as part of our overall health, so it never really occurs to us to bring up our emotional health to our physicians, doctors, and other medical professionals.

It’s one of the major flaws in our current approach to healthcare: that each of our body’s systems are separate from one another, including the physical and emotional. Often we’re not aware of the impacts our changes in emotion have on our bodies, both in positive and negative ways.

Traditionally, emotions are seen as a product of the brain only, when in fact, all emotions (the good and the bad) are expressed, experienced and can be stored not only in the brain but in the rest of the body as well. Emotions are felt everywhere: excitement increases heart rate; happiness causes a more open and confident posture; sadness closes posture down, slumping the shoulders forward; love triggers “butterflies” in the stomach; fear makes the stomach turn; and the list goes on.

Chiropractic and reiki together is our way of bridging this gap: we address issues like emotional trauma and chronic stress that are stored in the body’s tissues. Because if the source of your pain isn’t just physical, the solution to resolving it may not be purely physical either.

Transformations We’ve Witnessed

We’ve seen one woman go from lacking purpose and struggling with postpartum depression to gaining the awareness she needed to elicit change in her life and heal her relationship with her young child.

In another case, a woman who came into the office for tendinitis in her thumb ended up drastically changing her life by developing a deep sense of self-love and claiming the strength she needed to leave a relationship that was emotionally and mentally abusive.

We’ve helped women who were labeled as “infertile” by their doctors, when in reality they were holding on to such deep-rooted beliefs, guilt, and shame that their bodies wouldn’t allow for pregnancy to occur. Once we cleared out these emotions, they were able to conceive.

We’ve helped women with things ranging from depression, anxiety and addiction, to low back pain, migraines and vertigo. We want all women to feel liberated and empowered to grow and learn, even after they completing our work together.

Learn More About Our Chiropractic and Reiki Sessions

We are all exposed to stress in many ways and sometimes we need extra help to release that stress from our bodies. In our experience, chiropractic coupled with energy work like reiki is the best way to accomplish that.

Reach out to us today to see if our in-office chiropractic and reiki sessions are right for you, or learn more about our distance healing package to take the next step in your healing process!

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