how nature can help you heal

How Nature Can Help You Heal

Sometimes the best remedy for pain is the one outside your front door. 

The natural world offers an abundance of healing qualities and benefits for a variety of physical and mental health issues, from muscle tension to emotional distress and many things in between. Below are some of the unique ways that nature can improve your health while also increasing happiness. 

1. Nature helps you feel better.

If you’ve been feeling anxious, stressed, or not quite yourself lately, you can boost your mood with a dose of wilderness. Even if you don’t consider yourself an outdoorsy person, simply being outside or walking around in a natural setting has a variety of positive impacts on your blood pressure, heart rate, and brain. 

Studies show that spending time outside can improve our sense of belonging, boost motivation and memory, and reduce depression — allowing us to feel better from the inside-out.

2. Views of nature can speed up recovery time in hospitals.

In 1984, Roger Ulrich reviewed the healing process of people recovering from surgery at a hospital in Pennsylvania. His team discovered that patients who had bedside windows with views of trees were able to heal a day faster on average and needed less pain medication than those who only had a view of a brick wall. 

Whether you’ve been dealing with pain and tension from an illness, recovering from surgery, or another kind of physical ailment, try giving yourself some time in a garden, forest, or park nearby to help you heal faster.

3. Your body needs energy from the sun.

Although too much sun exposure can be dangerous, a few minutes outside each day can give your body a boost of energy from the sun through vitamin D. When the sun rays hit your skin, your body starts a process that makes vitamin D and allows you to optimize your immune system and absorb calcium for strong bones. 

This is especially important in certain times of the year (such as winter) when the days are shorter and less sunlight is available. If you’ve been feeling extra sluggish lately, you may just need to soak up some sun, even for as little as ten minutes a day.

4. Listening to sounds of the natural world can alleviate pain.

Some studies have shown that it isn’t just being outside or having natural elements within viewing distance that makes an impact: hearing nature is also effective

Whether it’s the music of birds chirping, ocean waves crashing, rain falling, or wind blowing through the trees, people who listen to these natural sounds often feel less pain and tension both during and after difficult procedures.

Start Your Healing Journey Today

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