how to manifest your dreams by taking action

How to Manifest Your Dreams by Taking Action

Transforming your dreams from wishful thinking into a beautiful reality is a process of both self-discovery and dedication. In order to be able to wholeheartedly embrace the future, you’ll have to let go of the past, understand what it is you want out of life, and know in your gut that you’re worth it. You will also need to go beyond hoping for better things to come: you’ll need to actively move yourself in that direction. 

Here are some of the most effective ways to develop your dream from a thought to a flourishing, authentic, and purposeful life.

1. Build an Action Plan

Tangible results don’t happen by chance. They are sought after with hard work and discipline. 

As we mentioned in our last post about stepping into your power, forming a step-by-step action plan is key to making your dreams come true. Most of us tend to view big changes as “impossible” because we can’t yet see the windy, bumpy path from our current position to the one way out there. 

If we instead begin to see that destination as an achievable goal, we can more easily break down the process to get there by putting one foot in front of the other. 

Think about those who have done something similar before you: what were their actions? What schooling, certifications, or other courses did they take? What kind of communities or networks did they connect themselves with? How did they adjust their lifestyle, habits, career, or relationships to achieve their goal? 

Turn your answers to these questions into steps you’ll need to take, and begin organizing this list with realistic deadlines to get them done (rather than pressuring yourself to do them all right now). 

2. Follow Through

Once you’ve created your plan, begin working on it. Take action as soon as possible, even if that means you need to move some things around in your schedule. Not only will doing so make the process begin to feel more “real” but can also build momentum to keep you going over the coming weeks or months. 

If the life you’re dreaming of will require big changes you don’t quite feel ready for yet, you can always start small. Change up your morning and evening routines. Practice time blocking to make sure your priorities make it onto your schedule. Ask a colleague or friend to help you, or better yet, help hold each other accountable for your goals. 

And don’t forget to track your progress. Being able to look back over and see the actions you’ve taken each day or week over the course of several months is a great way to stay motivated in the long run.  

3. Step over Roadblocks

Things are bound to come up every now and then that create fear, worry, or stress. Maybe it’s your old life acting out, trying to “protect” you from a future that’s different from where you are now. Or maybe it’s your inner voice speaking from a place of anxiety and self-doubt. 

That’s completely normal. Let yourself feel whatever emotions come up initially, but cut them short. Remind yourself: will this small hiccup matter in three or five years? Probably not. 

Practice maneuvering around challenges that come your way. Staying in a place of dread isn’t going to help get you to where you want to be. Remember that you have the power to figure it out, find solutions, ask for help if need be, and get back on track. Your future self will thank you for it. 

4. Learn to Let Go

Although getting started can often be the most difficult part, sometimes it’s the unknown that hits us the hardest. We want to know “how” and “when” it will all happen, and not knowing can drive us crazy . . . if we let it. 

So, instead, learn to let go of all the details. Don’t get sucked in to feeling the need to know how every piece will fall into place. Trust in yourself, in the journey, and in the Universe to see it through. 

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