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How to Stop Doubting Yourself

We’ve all had that inner voice telling us that we’re not good enough, or won’t be as great at something as someone else, or that certain things just aren’t possible. 

But more often than not, this is just our own doubt getting in the way of all the amazing things we’re actually capable of. Doubt can prevent us from even taking the small steps necessary to not only achieve those dreams, but to even believe from the start that our goals are actually within reach. 

So if you’re tired of living in fear, hesitating to take a big leap, or being a skeptic about life in general, read our list below to guide you on your way to overcoming doubt and full-heartedly believing in yourself. 

Think back on all your achievements.

As human beings, we are innately resilient animals. We are problem solvers and innovators. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, strategic, or courageous, chances are you’ve already overcome more challenges than you might realize. 

Take some time to look into your past and remember moments when you thought you would never figure a problem out, or couldn’t possibly finish such an overwhelming task . . . but then you did! How did that feel? Write down as many achievements as you can think of (even the small ones) and read over them when you start to doubt yourself again. 

Avoid comparisons.

Comparing yourself to someone — anyone — else is rarely a good idea unless it gives you motivation to improve and grow. 

But most often, our secret internal comparisons to other people we know feels more like an insult. We tell ourselves that there’s no way we could do it successfully like they can, or have as much confidence as they do, or be so happy because our life simply isn’t as great as theirs. 

Instead, you should practice recognizing that you may be on the first two steps of your path, while those other people are probably on step 1,000. Or maybe you’re on two entirely different routes in life that look similar, and you’re just getting distracted from the journey that is uniquely yours to make. 

You might also not realize how many others are currently looking up to you in the same way, or be envious of the life you’re living! It’s all about perspective. 

Learn new skills.

Sometimes our doubt simply comes from a lack of knowledge. It can take months or years of knowing how to do something to do it well and with ease. 

Doubt is a completely normal feeling if you’re trying something totally new or foreign to you. To overcome it, work hard at learning from others around you. You could also dedicate time to an online class, in-person workshop, or reading books about the subjects and skills you want to learn. 

If you’re doubting yourself when it comes to a skill you already possess, realize that you have what it takes to get started. Learning is a lifelong process, so don’t wait until you’ve read just one more book or taken one more class before you start sharing your gifts with the world. 

This also ties back into the comparison trap, too. Don’t compare your skills with those of others; no one presents the same information in the same way, or will use those skills in the way that you will. 

Talk with someone who believes in you. 

When we talk with our closest confidants, we can quickly realize that we’re not alone in feeling doubt. Sometimes knowing that others feel this way too allows us to move past the stage of second-guessing ourselves and onto the actions that will actually get us to where we want to be. 

Plus, if they know you well enough, they may also be able to help give you some praise for all the other things you’ve already achieved and boost your self-confidence.

Celebrate your big (and small!) wins

Get into a habit of giving yourself credit on a regular basis! At the end of your day or a couple of times a week, let yourself feel good about what you completed or difficult tasks you overcame, even if it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time. 

This can take some practice, but by patting yourself on the back more often, you can start to overcome your self-doubt before it even starts. 

Open yourself up to positive energy.

Working with an energy healer can be one of the most impactful ways you can begin to discover better emotional health and live a life you love. 

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