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Living Outside of the Box

If you’ve been feeling down, out of place, uneasy, or generally discontent with your life lately, you aren’t alone. So many of us go through periods of time when things just don’t feel as good as they once were. Sometimes we become unsure of our purpose, lose interest or a sense of belonging, or seem to be on an endless search for true happiness. 

One of the most impactful ways you can get yourself out of this rut is to get outside of the box. You know the one: our comfort zone box. The one with a stable (yet boring) job, a lifestyle of repetition with a schedule that is pretty much the same from day-to-day, or relationships that feel easy, but don’t really connect with you on a deeper level. 

Benefits of Getting Outside of the Box

Here’s the thing: our comfort zone may feel more safe, like the “easy” choice, but it’s bound to leave you with regret and apprehension. You’ll be less likely to create and achieve goals that give you excitement, to feel passionate about things down to your core, or to have some of the most amazing experiences this life has to offer. 

By stepping outside of the box on a regular basis, you’re challenging yourself to see what you’re really capable of. You get the chance to see yourself in an unexpected new light with pride. There are hundreds of benefits to doing things that scare or intimidate you, from finding love and professional success, to living more authentically and with meaning.   

How to Live Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Not sure where to begin? Below are some great ways to take the first few steps to living outside of the box: 

  1. Break old habits and/or create better habits. Your morning routine sets the tone for the day. If you want your days to feel more exciting and fun, change up what you do when you first wake up. If you usually have coffee before you take a shower in the morning, do the opposite. You can try things like waking up earlier to make yourself breakfast or to read or journal for a bit. Even small, simple changes to your morning routine tell the Universe you’re ready for something different, and change will come. You can also check out our tips for building better habits here


  1. Try things that you’re afraid of. There’s almost no better way to get over your fears and insecurities than by giving new experiences a chance. Try taking a different route to work, even if it takes longer. Take that class you’ve been afraid to sign up for. Speak up about something you’ve been holding in for too long. If fear is holding you back, face it head on with optimism and wonder and be open to the change it can create.


  1. Get creative, even if you don’t consider yourself an artistic person. Learn to play an instrument you’ve always loved listening to, take a weekly painting class, write in a journal or on a blog. Draw a picture or get a coloring book. Do things just for the fun of it, without it having to be part of a larger project or professional goal. It doesn’t even have to be “good” – just create something for the sheer joy of it!


  1. Travel! Even if you only have a weekend away once a month, use it to visit a city or national park within a day’s drive that you haven’t been to before. And if you find it hard to “get away” with such a busy schedule, start planning trips in advance — as far in advance as you need to, and stick to it. You’ll thank yourself later, and there’s no telling what you might discover about yourself when you start to travel more often. 


  1. Move your body, especially in ways you aren’t used to. Maybe you already go to the gym every morning, but the routine has become too boring. Maybe you take your kids to the park a few times a week, but it’s mostly been for them. Sometimes when we do the same types of physical activities too often, our bodies generate less energy because they aren’t being challenged enough anymore. Instead, re-energize yourself by finding new trails to hike, trying new classes like zumba or cycling, or slowing things down with yoga and stretching.  

Get Out of the Rut by Revitalizing Your Energy

Working with an energy healer can be one of the most impactful ways you can begin to discover better emotional health and live a life you love. 

At LunaVox Transformative Healing, we work with women in Colorado and beyond to reveal the true cause of their pain, awaken to their potential, and live each day with passion and purpose. Learn more about our in-office chiropractic and reiki sessions, or see if our distance healing package is right for you!

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