What does your nagging shoulder pain or tight lower back have to do with your worst moods, racing thoughts, and feelings of being blocked, stagnant, or stuck? Everything.

Our offerings are designed to release the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of your pain (the ones you’ve been taught to accept and live with).

We’ll help you build an awareness that empowers you in your own healing.

You’ll have what you need in order to address the total picture of your pain for the long-haul.

Distance Healing

Harness your pain as a beacon for change. Create the life you were meant to live. Awaken to your potential and liberate your power from the comfort of your home. 

In-Office Chiropractic & Reiki Sessions

Free yourself from pain and reveal the path towards healing on all levels. Gain a deeper awareness of yourself. Go beyond the limits of what you think is possible in your life.

“I like that my treatment plan is always transparent. I know exactly what’s planned and for what reason, and Eryn always brings incredible, optimistic energy!”

Jennifer D.

LunaVox Healing