the art of manifestation

The Art of Manifestation

Have you ever admired how other people create a vision for their life and have it all come true — and it seems like luck or magic? One of the most common ways for people to “live the dream” is through manifestation — learning to become the force that drives your future. 

Learning the art of manifesting your ideal life can be a process that takes time and practice, but it may also be easier than you think. 

What is manifestation?

In simple terms, manifestation is something theoretical or spiritual made real. Or in other words, creating a mindset or perspective that becomes true physically. Everything you see and touch (think: cars, buildings, airplanes . . . everything!) was once just an idea, dreamed up by someone or by a group of people, and it came into physical reality through their actions.

When you set deliberate daily intentions, you create and attract only those experiences you want for yourself. This means that if you believe in things like self-doubt, holding onto fears, or setting a mindset of failure, these worries will become true. 

However, this can instead have the power to transform your life in positive ways. When you set a clear image of what you want in your life and how you want things to go — safety, health, living passionately and in a state of joy — you are better able to attract all those great things and manifest the life you dream of

How exactly do you manifest desires from the universe? 

The first key is to attach emotion to the thing you want. We all seem to have quite the knack for attaching strong negative emotions with things we don’t want, but struggle with letting ourselves feel positive emotions for the things we do want. 

For example, you could have a fear attached to not having enough money to pay your bills, yet you desire to have more money without having any positive emotion attached to it. And until you start to shift your perspective around money in a positive light, you’ll likely continue to feel like you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck. 

If you want to begin changing your mindset around certain aspects or circumstances in your life, practice meditation and visualization. Meditate to open yourself up to living in a higher frequency, which allows you to attract what you want from the universe. Visualize your dream scenario in detail, imagining exactly how this would make you feel. 

The next step is to take action. Start doing things differently to break the patterns you have become used to over the years. Old patterns don’t elicit change, new ones do. They stimulate the flow of abundance that’s all around you.

Can manifestation heal physical pain? 

Setting intentions for your life don’t just apply to things like money, work, and relationships: they can even change the way our bodies feel. 

Peter Crone, an author and thought leader on human potential, touches on this in his interview on the Broken Brain Podcast. He suggests that our thoughts, especially in relation to the way we define ourselves, manifest in our bodies physically. By saying things like “I am not good enough,” “I don’t deserve it” or “Something is wrong or missing in my life,” we often unintentionally create friction and inflammation in our physical selves. 

By letting go of our worries, doubts, fears, insecurities, judgments, and anger, we can learn to instead visualize the life we really want to live, heal physical pain and inflammation, and — ultimately — be in a state of peace and fulfillment. Or as Crone words it: “at peace or at ease, the opposite of dis-ease.” 

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