healing power of touch

The Healing Power of Touch

As a chiropractor and reiki master, my job revolves around touching people on a regular basis. Touching people comes as naturally to me as breathing does, and I don’t hesitate to hug or touch people I just met. Sometimes I take it for granted how natural it is for me to just touch

Strange as it may seem, no one who comes into my office ever says no to a hug. I have converted many non-huggers into big time huggers! 

If you’re someone who prefers not to be touched or hugged, that’s okay. But you might also find it helpful to learn some of the benefits of the human touch and how it can help you heal your pain. 

The Importance of Being Touched

Feeling the simple touch of another person isn’t just about our inner emotions — it’s a key piece of our biological makeup. Touch is a primary form of communication; before we even learn to talk, we instinctively need to be held or touched by other people. And as adults, we show compassion and empathy towards others through hugs or holding a hand. 

But it also goes one step further: recent studies have started to document how touch can improve the immune system, decrease stress, and release oxytocin (the “love” hormone). This means that touch can play an important role in our health and wellbeing. 

Without it, we’re more likely to experience loneliness, which can lead to health problems such as depression. With it, we feel more loved, cared for, connected with other people, and overall much happier from day to day. 

Touch Can Help You Heal

Just as touch can give you an emotional boost, it can be a powerful method of healing your physical pain as well. Whether you schedule chiropractic adjustments and massage treatments, or begin to increase the use of touch in your personal life, small steps can have significant impact on reducing tension, soreness, and other physical ailments. 

Tap Into the Power of Touch

Even if you feel perfectly healthy, you might find it beneficial to try out a few ways of including more “touch” in your life: 

1. Make touch part of your normal routine. Make it a point to incorporate more touch with those around you: your significant other, children, friends, coworkers. Even some of the simplest of gestures like giving hugs or a hand on the shoulder can go a long way.

2. Get bodywork done. Although this may vary from person to person, we usually recommend getting body work (such as chiropractic and reiki work) done about once a week for people with mild to moderate pain, and twice a week for people with severe pain. 

3. Spend more quality time with family, friends, or other connections . . . in person.  We’ve all gotten so used to calling, texting, video chatting, or instant messaging online. Instead of meeting virtually, try suggesting more in person meet-ups for lunch or coffee. Not even the best of technologies can replace the magic and power of physical interactions with those we enjoy spending time with. 



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