Things Your Body May Be Trying to Tell You Through Pain

Do you have a throbbing pain in your shoulder that just won’t go away? Or have you met with a few specialists about the tightness in your chest, but they can’t seem to pinpoint the cause?

While some of our body’s aches and pains can certainly start with a physical injury, such as a fall or auto accident, this isn’t always the case. Many of us tend to think that a visit with the doctor can help us solve our annoying ailments and persistent conditions, when in reality, the source of our physical problems stems from something else entirely.

If you’re struggling to find a solution to the discomfort in your body, it might be time to listen a little more closely and discover how energy healing may be the solution you didn’t know you needed. Here are a few things your body might be trying to tell you through pain right now:

“You’re feeling lost or not aligned with your life’s purpose.”

Chronic headaches and migraines can be caused by a number of things, such as physical trauma, disease, or stress. Depression can result from many different physical factors. But sometimes these things can also signal something deeper is misaligned.

Maybe you’re in a line of work that bores you to tears or you’ve been missing the volunteer work you stopped several years ago. Or you might be out of touch with your intuition and life’s purpose in general. Exploring some of these other possibilities — or simply becoming more aware of how you’re feeling emotionally or spiritually — can provide room for you to begin to heal.

“You are angry or upset with someone or something.”

As we mentioned in our Beginner’s Guide to Chakras, the heart chakra relates to love, compassion, grief, and peace. When we avoid dealing with a problem we have with others we are close to, or subconsciously hold onto anger when something has greatly hurt us, sometimes these emotional situations can impact our bodies in ways we don’t always realize.

Although chest pains may be a sign of breathing problems or heart conditions, they may also be a sign that there are unresolved emotions and/or energy blocks that need releasing.

“Something in your sex life is off balance.”

The buttock and thigh muscles are related to feelings about sexuality, so any fears or tensions about sex can make these muscles clench up and feel tight. Your sacrum holds sexual energy as well. If you’re having pain in your lower back that extends out to either or both sides, it could be related to issues with sexuality as well.

Energetically, the sacral chakra and the heart chakra are linked since sex is often times an emotional experience. If you’re holding on to or repressing emotional feelings about intimacy, you may even feel it between your shoulder blades.

“You aren’t speaking your truth.”

Tenderness, soreness, and pain within your neck, upper back, throat, or issues with your respiratory system or thyroid gland could be trying to tell you that you aren’t communicating your “truth” in one way or another.

You might be silencing your voice in personal relationships and not telling people how you feel. You might be afraid to speak up about your concerns or struggles at work. Or maybe it’s internal: are you listening to your inner needs?

Whatever they may look like to you, the truths you hide may start to affect the flow of energy within the throat area of your body, leading to physical symptoms and discomfort.

What to Do About Your Mystery Pains

Energy healing — both with the help of an expert and/or practiced on your own — can offer the resolve you’ve been seeking to the pains that other “solutions” haven’t fixed.

Our bodies are dynamic and complex systems that have multiple layers, including mental, emotional, and spiritual ones in addition to the physical. This means that the pains we experience in our bodies aren’t always solely tied to physical problems or challenges.

Instead of just “living with it” or trying yet another pill that doesn’t work, reach out to LunaVox Transformative Healing today to start living the life you desire. Learn more about our in-office chiropractic and reiki services in Longmont, Colorado, or discover ways you can discover relief through our distance healing package!

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