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It’s Time to Step into Your Power

Over the last few weeks, we’ve started guiding you through a healing process for grief and providing key ways to help you fall (or fall back) in love with yourself. Becoming the person you know you can be and living a wonderful, authentic life is multifaceted: there is no one single solution or approach to this journey. 

It’ll take time, awareness, and self-discovery. You may need to let yourself feel emotions you’ve been keeping locked away, or do things you’ve been too scared to do. And now, you have the opportunity to put one foot in front of the other to unlock the power within you — the one that’s always been there inside of you, ready to shine. 

Recognize Your Innate Gifts

We were all born with unique abilities: healing others around us, creating visual artwork that inspires local communities, bringing innovative ideas to life, or mentoring business owners . . . the list is endless. 

Even if you feel that you aren’t in the right “job” or haven’t quite discovered your “purpose”, practice looking at your experiences and passions in a different light. Maybe there’s one gift you bring to the table that is threaded throughout your entire career or side projects. Maybe you weren’t meant to be defined by one role or title, because a purpose doesn’t have to mean doctor or financial advisor or teacher. 

Start to embrace your gifts in a way that opens up your life, rather than makes you feel “locked in” to something. Whether you’re a communicator, a creator, a guide, or something else altogether, let yourself feel them deeply and honestly, without any hesitation or pressure to define it by someone else’s terms. 

Face Your Fears

Oftentimes the things we fear the most are the same ones we need to be doing to finally make our dreams a reality. Our fear is completely natural, stemming from centuries of our brains working hard to protect us with survival instincts. 

But in today’s world, many of our fears have very little to do with keeping us alive and more likely deal with things like shame, stress, anxiety, loss, self-judgment, or doubt. 

If you know deep down in your gut that you desire a life drastically different from the one you’re in now, then you’ll need to take chances to make it come true. Start small: change up your routine by taking a different route to work or by mixing up your morning habits. You want to break the patterns your mind and body are used to. 

Then, start doing one thing that scares you or makes you uncomfortable every day. Make the phone calls you’ve been dreading, explore new job opportunities, or write the book you’ve been dreaming about. (You can even read a few of our tips to overcoming your fear on another one of our blog posts.)

Build a Plan

Sometimes we have a hard time envisioning a certain life for ourselves as possible because we haven’t yet considered what steps it would take to obtain it. 

By creating a plan of action, a to-do list, and/or an outline of the pieces that need to fall into place first, we can break down that big scary dream of ours into smaller, more digestible steps that aren’t nearly as overwhelming. 

Let your plan be your guide in times of confusion, worry, or distraction. But also don’t let it sit there collecting dust, either. After you’ve written down your plan, take the first step today

Take Control of Your Inner Dialogue

The only person stopping you from fulfilling your dreams is YOU. Stop telling yourself that you can’t or that you don’t deserve the life you dream of. Tell yourself every day that you can and that you’re worthy. Give yourself permission to work towards building the life of your dreams. 

Write affirmations that you can repeat over and over throughout the day. You can also write yourself permission slips and keep them on hand for whenever you feel self-doubt start to creep in.

Helping You Step into Your Power

At LunaVox Transformative Healing, we believe you’ve always had an incredible power that’s been dormant inside of you . . . until now. If you’re having a hard time unleashing this beautiful force within you, we may be able to help you start the process. 

We work with women in Colorado and beyond to reveal the true cause of their pain, awaken to their potential, and live each day with passion and purpose. Learn more about our in-office chiropractic and reiki sessions, or see if our distance healing package is right for you!

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